The Darling Downs Pamphlet Distributors Team

Business Closure

The time to retire having come, we’ve made the difficult decision to cease DDPD trading as of Easter 2024.

With our final distribution now complete, we thank our clients and ‘walkers’ for the many years of support they have collectively given.

Owner/Director Mrs Sue McHarry
Sue McHarry along with her late husband David, started Darling Downs Pamphlet Distributors (or DDPD) in 1998 while on unemployment benefits. When David passed away suddenly in January 2009, Sue continued with the business and it is still thriving today. Sue looks after the distribution side of things as well as managing the financial side of DDPD.

Many people will remember Sue and her family as she had a stall at the Sunday markets for many years selling toddler’s clothing that she made herself.

Sue has completed various courses over the years and is continually expanding her knowledge through her various interests.

Sue is also a Justice of the Peace - Commissioner for Declarations and is available at any time during business hours to sign documents.

Team Supervisor
Bruce Tame is our team supervisor. He has worked with us at DDPD in various roles over the years before moving to Melbourne so his daughter could pursue a career in Ballet. He re-joined our team in January 2014.

His role is looking after the team and making sure that all team members are doing their job correctly. He ensures all areas have team members to walk them and if an area is not covered, finds someone to go out and walk those areas.

Bruce has a good knowledge of Toowoomba and Surrounds having grown up in the area. He has vast experience in both sales and marketing through the various positions he has held over the years. Bruce has also held various supervisory roles and has a Certificate 3 in Business Administration.

The counter/storeperson role is to count the flyers into the areas, arrange for stock to be sent by courier to our country team and to assist with unloading of stock from trucks or our client’s car.

Our Distribution Team Training

Our distribution team sit through an extensive training session before they are allowed to start.

During the training session they are briefed on:

  • Laws pertaining to the delivery of advertising material to “No Junk Mail” letterboxes.
  • Distribution Standards Board and Environmental and Protection Authority regulations.
  • Workplace Health and Safety.
  • What we, and our clients, class as interfolding. (Wrapping flyers inside another is not acceptable delivery practice at DDPD).
  • How to deliver the leaflets so that our clients receive the best possible response to their particular pamphlet.
  • DDPD guidelines in regards to wet weather or very windy conditions.
  • Requirements in regards to contacting us on completion of their area so that our supervisors can go and look for the flyers in their areas.

Darling Downs Pamphlet Distributors Pty Ltd

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